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Medical journals acknowledge that, “Spirituality is an integral dimension of human beings and has been recognized as a critical factor in the health and well-being of patients.”

Integrative Medicine combines the best of the worlds of Medicine and Spirituality to ensure the highest potential for the most desirable outcome for health and wellness.

 Integrative Medicine is Treating the person as a whole not as segmented symptomatic parts.

Are you ready to listen and commit to Truth; to be of greater service to the world and Realize that you are the MEDICINE?

Join the Integrative Medicine Practitioner’s Program and learn the Therapeutic Applications of Consciousness.

The program is designed for all that are passionate about walking the path embodying the deeper levels of consciousness.

  • Monthly subjects covered in order of sequence are:
  • Color and Light = Foundation of Integrative Medicine
  • Awareness in the Brain = Specific Neurological information of Integrative Medicine
  • CranioSacral = Physical Level
  • Medical QiGong = Energetic Level
  • Heart & Soul Healing = Soul Level
  • Spiritual Medicine = Spiritual Level

This Training Program
will support you if…

  • You are a heart-centered healthcare professional
  • You feel that your training and conventional theories are limiting your abilities
  • You feel you are not fully living your true purpose, not helping people as deeply as you know you can
  • You want to treat people on all levels of their being – physical, mental/emotional, psycho-emotional, energetic and spiritual realms
  • You want to holistically apply medical techniques, metaphysical concepts and ancient wisdom to work on the core issues causing pain and suffering
  • You want to attract clientele with a high level of awareness and acceptance of esoteric and spiritual principles
  • You want to continue operating within the framework of the governing laws, policies and procedures of your profession
  • You are overwhelmed with information that doesn’t feel complete and isn’t grounded in medical and scientific research

Stop the inner war and conflict within your own self that creates chaos and confusion, the insanity of the negative thoughts, voices and images that play like a constant recorded tape over and over again re-looping the same old pattern of judgement, conditioned habits, and traumas from the past.

Stop recreating the same old life in the same old paradigm in your BODY~MIND~SOUL that keeps you in pain, struggle, unhappy, powerlessness and giving up on your dreams.

6 Month Integrative Medicine Practitioner Training Program Includes:

  • Bi-Monthly 60 min Online Video Teachings / 30min Live Group Q&A
  • Bi-Monthly 90min Live Teaching with Q & A
  • Private Facebook Group – share experiences, ask questions, get feedback
  • Private one-on-one Sessions (optional)

Each month we will focus on the following subjects:

Color and Light Therapy

A medical introduction covering aspects related to the physical; researched and documented 400 different diseases and how to treat.

In the Psychological arena benefits that assist healing on the mental emotional components.

On the Spiritual level helps raise our frequency and vibration to evolve our consciousness for accelerated awakening process.

  • Human Signature
  • Light Photons – the communication network of our cells
  • Spectro-chrome
  • ColorPuncture
  • Spectral Receptivity System optometric medical device

Awareness In The Brain

Explanation of eight different brain states and how they operate and can keep us from healing and conscious awakening.

Details about two physical mechanisms in our brain, The Amygdala and Hippocampus, that store emotions, beliefs, trauma, create inner conflict, separation, feeling stuck and trapped.

  • Eight Brain States
  • Anatomical Structural Complex – built in mechanism creates separation
  • Inner War – Mujahada
  • Rewiring the Brain = Happiness – Positive Psychology
  • The STOP Method = IL – AH- HU

CranioSacral Therapy

True healing and transformation is an inside out process. Experience your own body’s inner wisdom to heal itself from the core of your being.

Tap into the consciousness of the cerebrospinal fluid that guides to correction and balance. CranioSacral Therapy is an Osteopathic Medical technique that affects all levels; physical, psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

  • Inner Physician
  • Craniosacral System
  • Cranial Bones & Sutures
  • CerebroSpinal Fluid
  • V-Spread

Medical QiGong

Experiential and Didactic workshop on the Energetic form of Traditional Chinese Medicine known as Medical QiGong.

Healing deep core mental emotional physical and spiritual issues within you and your ancestral lineage through color, light, sound and movement.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Yin/Yang Meridians
  • Acquired vs. Congenital Emotions
  • Color, Light & Sound Healing
  • MicroCosmic Orbit

Heart & Soul Healing

Disease and illness occur from two major areas; the physical and spiritual realms.

Drawn from the wisdom of Ancient Mystery School secrets a combination of Mystic Christianity, Kabbalah and Sufism utilizing the heart and soul to tap into multidimensional worlds for complete healing.

  • Clearing Techniques
  • Living Light Breath
  • Stress Resilience – Less Reactive
  • Incension
  • Soul Retrieval – Connection

Spiritual Medicine

This life-changing program helps you reclaim your Authentic Self & realize your soul purpose & divine destiny and utilizes sacred qualities and frequencies that help you heal, manifest and awaken to the Truth of Who You Are.

We will cover specific information from the Angelic + Prophetic realms and explore Being-ness as the Path of No Path.

  • Life Mastery
  • Activate & Manifest Divine Soul Plan
  • Multidimensional Worlds of Reality
  • Sacred Language
  • Divine Qualities

Optional Bonus:
Sollite’s purpose is healing and conscious awakening

Traditional Cognitive/Behavioral mainstream psychotherapy is combined with Heart and Soul Energy Psychology and Positive Psychology in the style of counseling used in Sollite. During this transformational process the underlying stuck energies suppressed in the unconscious /subconscious mind through conditioned patterns are identified and cleared.

New ways of thinking are reprogrammed in the subconscious mind, cellular structures and DNA to manifest the life you desire. Using Therapeutic Applications of Consciousness you activate your Soul Plan and experience your individuated Authentic Divine Expression through Conscious Awakening.

  • Present Moment
  • ATR = Awareness, Transcendence, Resurrect
  • Change DNA
  • Nero-plasticity – Rewiring The Brain
  • Expression of Self

The value of any program is measured by it’s results!

“The greatest discovery you can ever have is the remembrance of the truth of who you really are.  This is your birthright and purpose for being here.  It is the promised gift that brings you into unity, love, peace, compassion and fulfillment.  Not only does it heal yourself of the traps of illusion it affects the entire world, for wherever you go your brilliance shines brightly and proceeds by raising the frequency and vibration of everything.  We are all on this path together and are here to help each other along the way.  This is why we are here and this is my commitment to you.”

Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena

“You have changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. What you have facilitated for my growth is unbelievable. You walked me through my own self-discovery and spiritual awakening that can never be taken away. It is a priceless invaluable gift. Your wisdom saved me an enormous amount of time and energy. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found your work. I feel so blessed to have reached these levels of spiritual awareness and be able to assist others from my own experience. Your life’s purpose is special and I am sure many have been affected the same way as I have.”

Mary L., Ph.D.

“I have been in the Health and Healing Field for many years and have studied numerous techniques with many teachers.  I honestly came to this program expecting not to learn much of anything new.  To my surprise I was awakened to a whole new perspective; like a reality switch was turned on in my awareness.  I consider myself bless to have met Anthousa and been able to attend her training classes.  I am totally a different person today.  Words cannot sufficiently describe the many positive shifts and changes that happened. There is no doubt that she is a special teacher of truth and liberation.”

Christine B.

Meet Your Instructor:

Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena LMHC, LMT, D.Div.

I have been a Holistic Educator in the field of Integrative Medicine for 43 years years. I am an Ordained Health Minister, Medical Intuitive, Master Sufi Teacher and Esoteric Healing Practitioner with a doctorate in Divinity specialized in Spiritual Counseling and Energy Psychology.

I am National Board Certified and State licensed as a Mental Health Counselor and Massage Therapist with additional certifications in Advanced Visceral Manipulation, Ortho-Bionomy, Advanced CranioSacral Therapy, ChromoTherapeutics, Medical QiGong, Kripalu and Bikram Yoga.

My doctorate dissertation was done in comparative religions focused on the metaphysical ancient secret knowledge within these various religions i.e. Judaism through the Kabbalah; Christianity through Christian Mysticism, Islam through Sufism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

I have been trained by all Medical Doctors who are world renown experts in their fields and have become certified to train, teach and certify others in their work.

Read More About Rev. Dr. Anthousa

Sollite’s mission is to help people heal the illusion of separation, step into the truth of who they really are, reconnect to their Divinity and to train fellow Practitioners to facilitate the same for their clients.

Are you ready to listen and commit to the Truth of Who You Are and be of greater service to the world?